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Student Activities


The Student Activities Committee is organizing a series of scientific, cultural and fun activities around the regular conference program. Students attending the conference are welcome to join our group and follow the experience! Some of the organized events require to make reservations and in any case we do not want to leave participants behind, so let us know if you want to join!

You can find below the agenda of the students Activities planned for ICRA 2012. Work is still in progress, so stay tuned!

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Upcoming Events

Monday, May 14

  • 18:00 - Student social (w/ food) at the Crowne Plaza in the Minnesota Ballroom, lower level. Jorge Cham from Ph.D. Comics speaking.
  • 20:30 - Going to Downtown Minneapolis via Free Shuttle infront of Crowne Plaza. Last shuttle @ 1:00am.

Tuesday, May 15

  • 12:00 - Informal Lunch at Eagle Street Grille. To join the Informal Lunch, send your request to: Pratap Tokekar
  • 20:30 - Going to see the movie Dark Shadows (show time 22:10) at AMC Block E 15 (600 Hennepin Ave - two blocks from the shuttle stop in Minneapolis). Leaving on the 20:30 shuttle.

Thursday, May 17

  • 15:00 - Going to the Mall of America. Will take 3:00pm shuttle located in front of the River Centre.


Students Events

Students Activities at ICRA 2012
      Monday 14 Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday 17 Friday 18 Saturday 19
Breakfast 7:30 9:30   Student Activities Board meeting        
Morning 8:30 10:00 Workshops & Tutorials Conference Session Conference Session Youth Event Workshops & Tutorials Local Area Tour
Forenoon 10:30 12:00   Conference Session Conference Session Conference Session    
Lunch       Informal lunch MAB Lunch I (GOLD Lunch - Graduates)†† MAB Lunch II (LwL lunch for Students) Awards Lunch    
Early afternoon 13:30 14:30   Plenary Session Plenary Session Plenary Session    
Afternoon 14:30 16:00   Conference Session Conference Session Conference Session Scietific/Technical Tour  
Afternoon 16:30 18:00   Conference Session Conference Session Conference Session    
Evening     Student Social Student breakout session Student breakout session Student breakout session    

Student Social

Enjoy the Monday evening's reception for students with Jorge Cham, author of PhD Comics!

Student Activities Board Meeting

Take part to the meeting to get informed and discuss about ongoing and future activities, opportunities for research and career, or learning tools dedicated to the Students of the Robotics & Automation Society.

To join the meeting, you can send your request to: Laura Margheri

Informal Lunch

This is a lunch to get to know other students early during the conference. We will meet at the Eagle Street Grille which is right across from the conference venue. The restaurant features a mob-themed menu - a reference to St Paulís notorious reputation during the 1930ís as a haven for mob bosses, gangsters and other criminals!

For other restaurants nearby see ďArea B Close-upĒ in the ICRA digest.

To join the Informal Lunch, send your request to: Pratap Tokekar

Lunch with Leaders & GOLD Lunch

The Lunch with Leaders (LwL) is organized by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS). This event was initiated by the Student Activities Committee with the aim to provide students with an opportunity to get in contact with leaders and get advice and mentoring on their career and research.

The students participating will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal and open discussion together with prominent people of the field to learn about the benefits of IEEE and RAS involvement for their career and research activities.

This year, the Lunch with Leaders will be one of the RAS Past Presidents celebration events, and RAS Past Presidents will join us for the lunch. To join the lunch mail to: Laura Margheri

Note: RAS members will be prioritized, please specify if you are a RAS student member or if you would like to join!

The Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) lunch is organized by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS). The event was initiated within the RAS Technical Activities Board as a mean to let graduates be aware of what the society has to offer and to network with each other.

Student breakout session

You are invited to join our crew in pubs and get around the city after the closing of the conference official sessions to have fun! See here for a list of pubs near the conference venue.

Student Photo Contest

You are invited to submit your photographs taken during the ICRA 2012 conference. This is a seasonal amateur photography competition, which is open to ICRA undergraduate and graduate student attendees. Evaluation of submitted photographs will be made by the IEEE RAS SAC with involvement of independent judges. Three winners will be announced and awarded after the conference.

You may send your photos to: Patrick Wensing

Note: All submitted entries will be retained for archival purposes.

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The Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) is focused on both applied and theoretical sides of robotics and automation. Here, Robotics is defined to include intelligent machines and systems used in a variety of areas. For example, space exploration, human services, or manufacturing. Automation, on the other hand, includes the use of automated methods in various applications such as in a factory, office, or home setting, and laboratory automation or transportation systems to improve performance. The RAS society aids in promoting close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and affiliates. For this reason, the society holds regular meetings for the presentation of papers and their discussion as well as sponsoring appropriate periodicals and special technical publications. The Robotics and Automation Magazine and the Transactions on Robotics are the highest ranked journals in the field. Finally, we do not need to introduce the flagship conferences of the RAS: ICRA and IROS, both provided at a significant discount to IEEE RAS members.

We are inviting you to join the RAS Student Committee to be a part of this great experience: having fun while acquiring new knowledge and developing your career. You can learn more about our current and ongoing activities from the regular RAS SAC newsletter. You are always welcome to join us in all of our endeavors! All in all, IEEE requires a very modest membership fee from student members compared to its direct and indirect benefits. So why wait, get involved now!